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Group of children and adults using dry ice to make bubbles in Explore Science Let's Do Chemistry Sublimation Bubbles activity

Short Activities

Short activities are brief hands-on experiences lasting less than 15 minutes for small groups of people. They are often presented at a table, cart, or demonstration space in a variety of settings such as a museum exhibit gallery, classroom, or other public or group setting. Multiple short activities can be combined to form a longer activity.

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Family traces water line on clear piece of plastic

Exploring Earth: Rising Sea

In this activity, learners explore how to use topographical mapping techniques to track changes in sea level and have discussions about the effects of rising sea levels on the environment and coastal communities.
Caregiver and two children using the paper mountains activity

Exploring Earth: Paper Mountains

In this activity, learners make unique mountain models from crumpled paper and watching how water moves across them.
A facilitator loads a small plastic tube with fizzing solution that will pop the cap off in front of an audience of learners

Rocket Reactions

In this activity, learners experiment with finding the best mix of "rocket fuel" by making miniature baking soda and vinegar "rockets" that shoot plastic caps into the air.
Facilitator and young learner squeeze colored water into a dish

Exploring Science Practices: Early Explorations

In this activity, learners are given an opportunity to practice scientific ways of thinking that are developmentally appropriate for early learners.
An adult and a child holds a metal baking sheet above the antennae of a Wi-Fi router on a block of wood, placed on a table. Another child holds a shell of tinfoil around a block of wood placed apart from the first block.

Radio Explorers: Wi-Fi Detective

Learners explore how to manipulate the radio waves from a Wi-Fi router using household materials and an app to measure Wi-Fi signal strength.
Group of students building a carbon nanotube model out of balloons

Balloon Nanotubes Tabletop

In this activity, learners build a model of carbon nanotubes out of balloons to explore the material's structure and properties.
Two girls discuss their ideas for flying cars with toy car props to a facilitator

Exploring Nano & Society - Flying Cars

In this activity, learners imagine and build a flying car out of small foam pieces while having conversations about future technology.
Memory Metal activity components including signs, guides, hair dryer, memory metal, and bucket.

Exploring Materials - Memory Metal

In this activity, learners compare the properties of a memory metal spring to an ordinary spring.
Learner experimenting with magic sand

Magic Sand / Nanosurfaces

In this activity, learners discover that "magic" sand repels water because of a nanoscale hydrophobic coating on the grains of sand.
a group of learners build UV color changing beaded bracelets

Exploring Properties - UV Bracelets

In this activity, learners use ultraviolet light to change the color of beads that contain photochromic dye.