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Set of What is Nano posters

Posters, Graphics, and Books

STEM learning materials for public audiences include posters, signs, banners, books, and other products that can be downloaded and printed out or presented on electronic displays.

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NanoDays Collection book cover featuring a family of learners observing materials

NanoDays Collection Book

Compendium of all public engagement materials from NanoDays 2008-2015 designed to engage the public in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology and their impact on society impact on society.
"How Small is Nano?" with five images of various cells and a ruler just below

How Small Is Nano? Book and Poster

Posters and banners for the Nanoscale project in various sizes in multiple formats. Formative evaluation and survey instruments for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
Building with Biology gold and blue colored logo

Building with Biology logos

Building with Biology project logos and specifications for your own events and marketing materials.
Facilitator and learner prepare to put felt on a bubble created by soapy water and dry ice

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Sample Press Photos

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry including sample press photos.
Image showing the full butterfly's wing poster with annotation

Zoom Into a Butterfly Wing poster

An illustrated poster showing a butterfly's wing across ten orders of magnitude; various printing formats with and without annotation included along with formative evaluation.
Cover of the Sustainability in Science Museums Planning and Promotional Guide featuring a young learner coloring on a sheet of paper

Sustainability in Science Museums Planning and Promotional Guide

Promotional materials for SustainABLE Kit including logos, colors, and graphics in multiple formats.
Illustration of a NASA travel poster depicting an alien world with five planets visible in the sky

NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters

Posters created by NASA to spur the imagination about newly discovered exoplanets.
Computer chip across ten orders of magnitude poster with annotation

Zoom Into a Computer Chip posters

This poster features a computer chip across ten orders of magnitude.
Poster cover depicting sustainability, with NISE Net Sustainable logo and Arizona State University Logo

Sustainability Banner and Posters

Promotional materials for Sustainability including graphics in multiple formats.
Book cover from the Break Moon Book featuring an illustration of of a family at a dinner table eating fruit

Breakfast Moon picture book

Picture book for young learners about how we see the Moon and how it changes over time.