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Educators watching Star Formation activity

Professional Learning for Educators

NISE Network has many resources designed for informal educators who work in museums, university outreach centers, and other out-of-school settings. These include training materials for our educational products, tools and guides related to engaging public audiences in learning about current science, and information about developing and strengthening collaborations.

Featured Resources for Program Implementation, Delivery, and Facilitation

DEAI Booklet Cover showing an illustration of a diverse group of people

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) Booklet

Tools for engaging communities and incorporating DEAI practices into informal STEM projects. The tools, practices, and project examples are designed to support NISE Network partner efforts in making their experiences more relevant and inclusive in order to promote a more equitable STEM future in our local communities.
Earthrise Apollo 8 image Image Credit: NASA, Apollo 8 Crew, Bill Anders; Processing and License: Jim Weigang

Making Earth & Space Science More Relevant and Inclusive

These professional learning resources are based on materials developed for the NISE Network’s Earth & Space Project-Based Learning Community which took place in 2021-2022. This project supported museums and science centers across the U.S. in their efforts to make Earth & Space science relevant and inclusive for their local communities. This collection features resources and recordings presented during this virtual online learning community.
Sustainability and Museums: Cover Guide featuring a father and young child interacting with a giant balloon

Professional Resources for Sustainability

Tools to help museum professionals plan and implement sustainability projects and programs.
program guide cover for A NISE Network Guide to Creating Effective Learning Experiences for Public Audiences

Program Development: A NISE Network Guide to Creating Effective Learning Experiences for Public Audiences

Professional development guide for educators from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
Group of forum participants on cover of Building with Biology Public Engagement with Science guide

Public Engagement with Science: A guide to creating conversations among publics and scientists for mutual learning and societal decision-making

Professional development guide to help staff develop activities and implement multi-directional conversations with visitors at Building with Biology events.
nanodays guide cover

NanoDays: A NISE Network Guide to Creating Activity Kits, Building Communities, and Inspiring Learning

Professional development training tool to prepare staff and volunteers to create their own activity kits, build a community network, create an event, and engage visitors about nanotechnology and other science topics.
Gaming guide cover

Gaming and the NISE Network: A Gameful Approach to STEM Learning Experiences

Professional development guide for educators on gaming and teaching nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.
Let's Do Chemistry safety guide cover showing children using liquid droppers

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Safety Guide

Professional development training tool to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activities.
Solar System Ambassador facilitating an activity at an Earth and Space event

Tips Sheets for Engaging Public Audiences

A collection of tips sheets for engaging public audiences in hands-on STEM activities. Specific sheets for: girls, young learners, bilingual audiences, preparing guest speakers, creating conversations, difficult concepts, and accessibility and inclusion.

Ice Breaker Activities and Improv Exercises

  • Improv Exercises can be used by professionals as icebreakers, getting-to-know-you activities, and as tools to empower educators to facilitate positive, learning conversations with visitors.
  • Sustainability Connectagons collaborative construction challenge to help professionals build relationships across their institution or with other community organizations.
  • Changing Brains Stand Up Sit Down Icebreaker where participants vote with their feet and seats by standing up, or sitting down, to show their agreement with potential scenarios


NISE Network group photo - 2019 Network Wide Meeting
Network Wide Meeting 2019

Resource Highlight: Leading and Managing the NISE Network: Practical Solutions for Creating a Flexible National Network

This guide shares what the leadership of the NISE Net did to create this national supportive network whose scope and scale were unprecedented in the science museum field.


More about NISE Network’s Development Process


NISE Network professional learning resources are created through an iterative, collaborative process that involves professionals in the field of informal science education, scientists with expertise in the content area, and targeted public audiences. This process helps to ensure that our resources and guides represent best practices in public engagement, are scientifically accurate, and are effective experiences for all audiences.