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Group of children and adults using dry ice to make bubbles in Explore Science Let's Do Chemistry Sublimation Bubbles activity

Short Activities

Short activities are brief hands-on experiences lasting less than 15 minutes for small groups of people. They are often presented at a table, cart, or demonstration space in a variety of settings such as a museum exhibit gallery, classroom, or other public or group setting. Multiple short activities can be combined to form a longer activity.

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Paint tubes and a paint brush on top of paper colored with blue paint

Interference Acrylics: Painting with Structural Color

In this activity, learners explore structural color by comparing acrylic paint and interference acrylic paint
A group of learners observing a cloud that was made in a plastic bottle

Exploring Earth: Investigating Clouds

In this activity, learners create a cloud in a bottle and explore it with laser light.
Learner investigates the crater made in the sand after dropping a weight into the sand box

Exploring the Solar System: Craters

In this activity, learners drop objects of various sizes and shapes into a tub full of sand and other materials, to simulate the formation of a meteorite crater.
two learners and a facilitator watch a soapy solution with dry ice make a giant bubble filled with smoke

Sublimation Bubbles

In this activity, learners explore sublimation by capturing carbon dioxide gas in soapy bubbles sublimated from dry ice.
Sustainable Futures logo in full color

Sustainable Futures collection of public programs

In this collection of activities, learners explore sustainability science concepts in a variety of activities.
While sitting at a table, one child points a small transmitter at a vacuum-seal container that has a key finder inside, and another child holds a smartphone up to the other side of the container.

Radio Explorers: Messages from Space

Learners investigate the differences between sound and radio waves in a partial vacuum.
Museum educator demonstrates biobarcodes hands-on activity

Biobarcodes: Antibodies and nanosensors

In this activity, learns explore antibodies and a nanomedical technology called Biobarcodes by assembling a jigsaw puzzle model.
A facilitator adds scented oils into deflated balloons

Exploring Size - Smelly Balloons

In this activity learners use their sense of smell to explore the world on the nanoscale and learn that we can smell some things that are too small to see.
The ferrofluid activity components including the signs, guides, tubes of ferrofluid, and magnets.

Exploring Materials - Ferrofluid

In this activity, learners investigate the properties of ferrofluid and magnetic black sand, learning that the surprising difference in the behavior of these two materials is due to size.
Faciltator showing physical models of carbon and liquids in jars on a cart

Intro to Nano Cart Demo

In this activity, learners explore the basics about nanotechnology by mixing chemicals, turning potatoes black, generating electricity, and seeing invisible light in several demonstrations and experiments.