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Children listening wearing paper elephant ears in Horton Senses Something Small NanoDays activity

Early Learners

A collection of activities and resources for young learners and early childhood educators.

Young children are natural scientists. Educators can encourage scientific behaviors in children ages 0-5 by recognizing natural scientific tendencies and engaging them in developmentally appropriate ways. Approach activities as opportunities for children to investigate their world. Exposure to a scientific phenomenon, concept, or skill is very valuable for a young child, but you shouldn’t expect mastery or be too focused on very specific learning goals. You are providing the stepping-stones to later scientific understanding and skills. 

More Resources

  • Collaborative for Early Science Learning resources
    Resources to support museums partnering with local Head Start programs to provide teacher professional development and family engagement focusing on early childhood science. Resources also include a collection of activity guides.
  • The STEM Innovation for Inclusion in Early Education (STEMI2E2)
    Resources for STEM learning opportunities for young children with disabilities