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Young participants investigate worms with magnifying glasses

Partner Highlight: Imagination Station in Toledo “Crushes” Sustainability Goals with New Recycling and Waste Reduction Initiative

October 5, 2022
Caitlyn Carter, Imagination Station
Partner highlight about the work of Imagination Station and how their participation in the 2011 Sustainability Fellowship has been a catalyst for change.
Maine discovery kits stacked with staff person standing between boxes

Maine Discovery Museum Uses 10 Years’ Worth of Kits and Collaboration to Inspire Programming Shifts During COVID-19 Pandemic

August 25, 2022
Trudi Plummer, Maine Discovery Museum
Partner Highlight: Maine Discovery Museum engages audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic with Discovery kits.
LVCM Under the Stars event - Entry/Event Banner

Partner Highlight: “Under the Stars” with the Science of Webb and the Lykens Valley Children’s Museum in Pennsylvania

August 11, 2022
Christina Leavell
Partner Highlight: Lykens Valley Children's Museum hosts multiple events to celebrate the James Webb Space Telescope.
Two young learners using the DIY Sun Science app

New version of the DIY Sun Science App is now available.

July 11, 2022
Darrell Porcello, Children's Creativity Museum
From designing a UV detector to tracking solar storms, DIY Sun Science for the iPad and iPhone lets anyone, anywhere investigate the Sun with easy, low-cost, and fun hands-on activities. This popular, free app has now been updated with the addition of two new activities and a complete Spanish translation.
Brain Congressional briefing neuroethics and STEM public engagement June2022 slide screnschot.

NISE Network Changing Brains Team Members Present at Congressional BRAIN Initiative Briefing on Neuroethics

July 1, 2022
Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
Jayatri Das, Chief Bioscientist at The Franklin Institute and Claire Weichselbaum, Barbara Gill Civic Science Fellow at Arizona State University recently gave an interactive presentation as part of the Congressional BRAIN Initiative Briefing on the importance of neuroethics. The presentation includes a short poll activity giving just a taste of some of the content the NISE Network Changing Brains project team is working on.
Children and adults using NanodDays Hands-on Sunblock  activity from a past NanoDays event at Highland Road Park Observatory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Partner Highlight: NanoDays activities and solar viewing at the 13th annual NanoDays event at Highland Road Park Observatory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

July 1, 2022
Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
For the thirteenth consecutive year at Highland Road Park Observatory in Baton Rouge, LA, big things in the Universe took a backseat to all things tiny! Dr. Juana Moreno and her colleagues from Louisiana State University Department of Physics & Astronomy returned to the observatory for another public celebration of nanotechnology in spring 2022.
A group of kids and adults pose for the Communities for Immunity Photo Booth with handheld signs that say "Vaccines are Safe!"

Partner Highlight: Vaccine Confidence Resources from The Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California

June 28, 2022
Lee Bishop, Lawrence Hall of Science
Staff from the Lawrence Hall of Science worked with public health scientists and community partners to design activities to boost vaccine confidence in families with young children. Some activities were adapted from NISE Networkresources, and detailed activity guides and materials are available online.
COSI-NASA Space Learning Lunchbox Kit Contents

Partner Highlight: Feeding Hungry Lives and Hungry Minds Worldwide

June 9, 2022
Ali Jackson, Sciencenter and Stephen M. White, Esq., COSI
The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) is partnering up with other community-based and human services organizations to feed hungry lives and hungry minds. Learn how your institution could become a Learning Lunchbox distribution partner in your local community
Sun, Earth, Universe Exhibition at NASA Wallops Visitor Center

Partner Highlight: The NASA Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center Gives a Warm Welcome to the Sun, Earth, Universe Exhibition

June 2, 2022
Christina Leavell
Partner highlight about the NASA Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center hosting the NISE Network’s Sun, Earth, Universe exhibit.
Lewisburg Nano exhibition setup along wall

Partner Highlight: The Nano Mini-Exhibition arrives at the Lewisburg Children’s Museum in Pennsylvania

June 2, 2022
Christina Leavell
The Nano Mini-Exhibition still goes strong after 10 years, arriving at the Lewisburg Children’s Museum in May 2022.