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science and society

Blue logo for online workshop recordings

Online Workshop Recording: Futures Thinking - Exploring Ideas and Developing Skills to Shape Our World

Online workshop recording featuring an introduction to the key ideas of futures thinking and resources for integrating this approach into your STEM engagement efforts.
Diagrams created to showcase people values during conversations

Conversation Lab: Brain Enhancement

Small group conversation guide to spark reflections on the future of brain enhancements and their potential impacts on society.
Two children are seated at a table spread with large cards that depict writing and various radio technologies. Both children are holding a card in each hand and smiling as they read the cards.

Radio Futures: You Decide

Learners discover how their own values and the values of other can shape the development and use of future radio technologies.
A bracket containing different neurotechnology cards

Neuro Futures Championship Game

Pit new neurotechnologies head-to-head using a sports-style bracket.
Attendees at January 2024 Arizona State University Winter School using Changing Brains activities

Neuro Futures Card Game

Prioritize cards with new neurotechnologies according to your own values and the values of others.
cards showing human attributes and robot jobs

What Makes Us Human

Explore what it means to be human and how humanlike machines might become.
Building with Biology Rewriting the Human Genome forum logo

Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss the future of human genome editing and its societal implications.
Plastic grocery baskets along with grocery store purchases including sunblock

Buy It, Or Better Not?

In this activity, learners consider the costs, risks, and benefits of nanoparticles in various products.

Speed-ucate Video or How to have an Effective Science and Society Conversation

In this 7-minute video, actors depict facilitators in a comedic take on a TV dating show to showcase tips for having meaningful conversations with museum visitors.