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Child using the Braille book, called "Getting a Feel for Eclipses," features graphics that teach users about the interaction and alignment of the sun with the moon and Earth

Blind and Low Vision Audiences

Resources for improving accessibility for blind and low vision audiences including strategies, guidelines, audio descriptions, sonifications, tactile books, and tactile 3D-printed models.
Nano exhibition blind accessibilty expert feeling tactile audio description and braille label on exhibit
Tactile and braille labels for audio description of the Nano exhibition

NISE Network strives to share STEM public engagement resources designed for all audiences, including blind and visually impaired participants. For more information about how NISE Network products are designed with an inclusive audiences approach using Universal Design principles, visit

Nano exhibition blind accessibilty expert with service dog feeling tactile aspects of Build a Giant Carbon Nanotube exhibit
Tactile experiences in the Nano exhibition

Strategies and Best Practices

Child looking using his hand to feel textures in a tactile book about Earth and space science
Child feeling tactile book textures
Credit: Space Foundation Discovery Center Colorado Springs, CO

Earth & Space Tactile Books

The NISE Network has distributed tactile books in past Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkits (2017-2020) and the Voyage through the Solar System kit (2023):

Tactile books and resources

Printing Tactile Resources and 3D Printing

NISE Network has distributed tactile emodels in past physical Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkits including models of the Moon's surface.



Image Descriptions

More Resources

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Blind and Low-Vision Audience Resources

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