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Set of What is Nano posters

Posters, Graphics, and Books

STEM learning materials for public audiences include posters, signs, banners, books, and other products that can be downloaded and printed out or presented on electronic displays.

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Solar Science illustration of the sun being projection onto a sheet

Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More

This booklet explains how eclipses work, how to safely view them, and what viewers can expect from a solar eclipse.
Nanotechnology and society poster  - Does nanotechnology belong in toys showing a child holding Benny the bear

Nano & Society Posters

Posters featuring the science and society connections for nanotechnology; accompanied by a facilitator guide.
Cover of a book labeled DIY Nano

DIY Nano Book

Book of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) hands-on activities about nanoscale science designed for use at home by children and adults.
Illustration showing the path of the 2017 solar eclipse across the United States

Eclipse Pinhole Postcard

This two-sided postcard features a map of the US and what percentage of the eclipse you'd see at different locations on one side and how to view a solar eclipse safely on the other side.
Poster image showing a gecko and gecko-inspired robot

NanoDays Key Concepts Posters

Posters showing nano key concepts.
Large group photo of over 300 student teams at 2014 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) synthetic biology competition

Building with Biology: Educational Posters

Building with Biology printable, educational posters that introduce visitors to the principles of synthetic biology.
An image of the Frankenstein 200 stylized logo

Frankenstein200 Style Guide, Palettes, Fonts, and Logos

Promotional materials for Frankenstein200 activities including style guide, palettes, fonts, and logos in multiple formats.
Cover to a book called Alice in Nanoland featuring a girl with blonde hair, a green shirt and purple skirt

Alice In NanoLand

Alice In NanoLand book suitable for reading areas, story-times, or to augment a program; along with formative evaluation.
Screen shot of a blue poster image with text saying "How might synthetic biology change our lives?"

"How might synthetic biology change our lives?" graffiti wall

Building with Biology printable materials for public events.
Children and adults using Frankenstein Dough Creature activity - costumed adults dressed as Mary Shelley and Frankenstein monster

Frankenstein200 Promo Photos

Promotional materials for Frankenstein200 activities including sample photos.