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Nano Haiku: Update Your Profile!

Vrylena Olney

I love to see your
Shining face. Please update your 
Contact info, thanks!

by Karen Pollard, Science Museum of Minnesota

Maybe when you first logged in you wrote a paragraph about your fascinating work, and included three ways to get in touch with you, and uploaded a super-flattering photo.  That's great!  But maybe you haven't updated your profile since you first logged in two years ago and now you work somewhere else.  And live two states away.  That makes it harder for other Network partners to get in touch with you to find out more about your fascinating work or pass along compliments on your super-flattering photo.

So please update your profile! 

We also now have fields for you to add your state and region as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.

Here's how to update your profile:

  1. If you're not already logged in, click the signup/login link (at the top right of the website)
  2. Click the my profile link under your name in the right sidebar
  3. Click on the Edit tab above your profile picture.
  4. You can now change your password, email address, or other personal information

A note about email addresses and the newsletter: changing your email address on your profile page won't automatically change your email address for the NanoBite newsletter (I know it would be great if it did, and our web team spent a lot of time trying to make that happen, but unfortunately we couldn't get it to work).  So if you want to the NanoBite to go to your new email address, go to the newsletter archive page and enter your new address in the Subscribe box on the right.