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Montana State University Celebrates World Quantum Day 2024

Christina Leavell, Arizona State University


Partners at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman, MT, are excited to celebrate their first World Quantum Day! If you are not familiar, World Quantum Day is an annual celebration promoting public awareness and understanding of quantum science and technology around the world. Celebrated on April 14th each year (a reference to 4.14, the rounded first digits of German physicist Max Planck; Planck’s constant) since 2021, the event has been helping audiences better understand the science of subatomic particles and the critical role of such studies in everyday technologies like LED monitors, the inner workings of smartphones, GPS, and much more.

Montana State University has been a NISE Network partner for over 15 years, starting in the beginning with NanoDays. Now, MSU has heavily invested in quantum technologies research. There is the Air Force Research Lab-funded project to test prototype quantum components in frigid environments, the National Science Foundation grants to launch the MonArk Foundry and to study the national quantum supply chain, the Optical and Quantum System Program, and the Montana Nanotechnology Facility, as well as collaborations with other universities and businesses. “MSU is becoming a powerhouse in quantum research, quantum science, and technologies,” says the director of MSU’s Science Math Resource Center, Suzi Taylor. “Montana is pretty uniquely positioned to be a leader in this field. I think we're ripe to start small businesses and grow some of our existing businesses to take advantage of all these new developments in quantum technologies.”

World Quantum Day Logo

Of course there is no better way to celebrate its first-ever World Quantum Day than by engaging the individuals who will be part of these future developments in quantum science. “The students who are in middle and high school now will be workers in Montana in just a few years from now,” says Taylor. So MSU has partnered with Montana middle and high schools in an effort to spark interest among students as well as support economic and workforce development around quantum technologies. During March 2024, all Montana educators and youth leaders could request a free activity kit with resources designed for grades 6-12. 


Zoom Screenshot showing an agenda slide for MSU's Quantum Teacher Training Workshop. The presenter is in a small box at the top right of the plain white slide with bullet points.
Screenshot from MSU's introductory webinar for educators planning to use their World Quantum Day 2024 kit materials.

The World Quantum Day Educator Kit, sponsored by the Science Math Resource Center and Applied Quantum Core at Montana State University, will include: 

  • Resources about quantum science

  • Promotional materials (banner, swag) 

  • Printed lesson plans and all physical materials necessary to engage students with activities!


In addition to the physical resources, digital assets will also be available, in addition to a recording of an educator training webinar that took place on March 26, 2024. 

The NISE Network is sending out a huge congratulations and thank you to Montana State University for being a driving force for this work in their community. We like to think that we know a thing or two about kit development, and we can honestly say that on a large scale like this it is anything but easy. We applaud your work, your dedication to supporting the STEM leaders of tomorrow, and we cannot wait to hear more about how events go across Montana this coming April 14th - Good Luck!!!


Check out the following resources for more on quantum, and don't forget to follow MSU's Science Math Resource Center on social media for the latest updates on their work for World Quantum Day 2024!