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NanoDays 2009 Digital Kit

Person inside of a giant carbon nanotube model made of balloons

Public programs, hands-on activities, and professional development resources about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology and their impact on society.

NISE Network offers a digital download of the NanoDays 2009 kit, complete with instructions, lesson plans, supply lists, marketing materials, and multimedia files. 

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Download the full digital kit

All NanoDays 2009-2016 resources

Kit Contents

I. A set of guides and tools for engaging the public in nanoscale science:

  • NanoDays Planning Guidebook
  • Bringing Nano to the Public - a Collaboration Opportunity for Researchers and Museums * Public Forums Manual
  • Forums
    • Nanomedicine in healthcare forum
    • Energy Challenges Forum
    • Who Decides Forum
  • How To Hold a Science Café

II. Hands-on nano activities:

  • Exploring Measurement—Ruler
  • Exploring Measurement—Human Body * Exploring Tools—SPM
  • Exploring Forces—Gravity
  • Exploring Properties—Surface Area
  • Exploring Materials—Liquid Crystal
  • Exploring Materials—Ferrofluid
  • Exploring Structures—Buckyballs

III. Additional products for engaging the public in nano:

  • Vizualization Lab Zooms
    • Everything is Made of Atoms" poster
    • Scale Ladder" pamphlet and poster
    • Zoom into a Human Hand" interactive media piece (on CD)
    • Zoom into a Nasturtium Leaf" interactive media piece (on CD)
  • DECIDE Nanotechnology Game
  • Additional Activities
    • Sizing Things Down
    • Magic Sand
    • Exploring Measurement—Solutions
    • DNA—Exploring Nanostructures
    • Balloon Nanotubes
    • Forms of Carbon Poster

Additional Materials in physical kit:

  • A DVD of two 10-minute plays about societal implications of nano: Let's Talk About It by Richard W. Rousseau and Same Sides by Stacey Parshall
  • Books about nanoscale science for youth & adults:
    • Nanoscale Science: Activities for Grades 6-12 by Gail Jones
    • Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea by Mark A. Ratner & Daniel Ratner
    • Nanotechnology: Science Innovation & Opportunity by Lynn E. Foster
    • Nanotechnology Demystified: a self-teaching guide by Linda Williams and Wade Adams * What's Smaller than a Pygmy Shrew? by Robert E. Wells
    • Nanotechnology by Dianne Maddox