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Museum of Science forums discussions featuring groups of people at tables writing on posters and discussing

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Forums provide opportunities for thoughtful consideration of the relationship between science, technology, and society. Older youth and adults participate in one- to two-hour facilitated discussions that promote exploration and foster dialogue and deliberation.

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Two actors act in a play about nano and society.

Same Sides and Let's Talk About It videos

In this program, learners are introduced to nanoscale science which includes 2 ten-minute plays that stimulate conversation about the impact the field of nanoscale science may have on our lives.
Climate Hazard Resilience extreme precipenation forum of peple talking around a table

Climate Hazard Resilience Forum: Extreme Precipitation

In this interactive forum program participants will discuss the social, economic, and environmental impacts of extreme precipitation in facilitated groups.
Image of a brain taken by a MRI

Cognitive Enhancement Teen Role Play Forum

In this forum, learners grapple with the implications of two different future technologies that would enhance one's cognitive ability.
A solar panel on a grey stand.

Energy Challenges, Nanotech Solutions?

In this forum, learners take the role of a governmental funding agency and asks them to consider how nanotechnology should fit into the timeline and scope of future national energy policy.
stock image of a old model white webcam

Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Nanotechnology Forum

In this forum, learners will discuss several nanotechnology application scenarios then deliberate in small groups and create a group response to the overarching question, "how can nanotechnology affect someone’s privacy"
A man discusses the issues at a table

Risks, Benefits and Who Decides?

In this forum, learners discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three options, raise questions about the societal and environmental implications of nanotechnology to a panel of experts, and work in small groups to form a group recommendation drawing from the options presented.
What is Nanomedicine video and interactive graphic

Nanomedicine in Healthcare Forum

In this forum, learners explore nanotechnology-enabled medical technologies and their potential to transform health care, while considering the societal, ethical, environmental and economic impacts of this emerging technology.
A bearded man in an audience talking on a microphone seemingly asking a question.

Science Cafe Guide

Professional development guide for educators on hosting an event that brings scientists and the public together in an informal setting.
forums manual cover featuring a man with a microphone in an audience asking a question

Public Forums Manual

Training guide for planning and holding public forum events.
Mosquito up close on human hand

"Should We Engineer the Mosquito?" Forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss whether the mosquito should be genetically engineered.