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Online Brown-Bag: Team-Based Inquiry Stories - NISE Network Partners Share What Works (and What Doesn't!) (Recorded)

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The NISE Net runs a series of online brown-bag conversations focused on helping partners share their work and learn from others in the Network. The aim of the online brown-bag conversations is to increase the number of professional development opportunities available to our partners, create more channels for Network partners to learn from each other directly, and create ways for partners to follow-up on ideas or efforts that emerge at in-person meetings.

Team-Based Inquiry Stories - NISE Network Partners Share What Works (and What Doesn't!)

Tuesday, November 4th
2pm - 3pm ET / 11am - 12pm PT


  • Sarah Cohn, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • David Mues & Sheila Montgomery, Powerhouse Science Center
  • Patsy Reublin, Denton Kooyman & Lauren Collins, Bootheel Youth Museum
  • Anika Taylor & Danni Dancer, The Bakken Museum

Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) is an approach to empowering professionals to get the data they need, when they need it, in order to improve their products and practices and create successful educational experiences. This year, 20 individuals from 10 NISE Network partner institutions participated in a focused professional development cohort where they learned the TBI process and tried it out in their own institutions. How did it go, you ask? Did they actually get a team together, and did they actually study a project? They did! And three of those organizations are willing to talk about their experiences. Hear about these partners’ experiences with evaluation, how they handled any surprises or obstacles along the way, and how they are changing their work now that their first TBI project is done.

This brown bag is the first in a series of online discussions to help partners better understand what TBI is and how it can be used in any institution and for any type of project or question. Hear a primer on TBI and how you might use it in your institution. Then, gather ideas on how TBI can be used to improve programs at your own institution and resources for learning more.


Members of TBI Cohort at discussion table