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A model of the intense magnetic fields around the Sun

Educational Videos

Educational videos include standalone films as well as short audiovisual clips that can be incorporated into public educational experiences.

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Research taking a water sample

Does Every Silver Lining Have a Cloud?

In this 6-minute video, Duke University researchers explain the relationship between nanomaterials and their potential impact on the ecosystem.

Mastering Science and Public Presentations: Video

In this 48-minute video of a talk, scientists learn the fundamentals of sharing science with scientific and public audiences.
Apollo Lunar Landing Sites video still image showing locations of landing sites

Apollo Lunar Landing Sites video

Educational video about the six successful Apollo moon landing missions and lunar landing sites.
syringe of brownish gel ejecting into a small strainer over a bucket

Molecular Gastronomy

In this O Wow Moments video, Mr. O looks at the fusion of science and cooking by making a special ice cream topping.
Person looking closely at a cup filled with dirty water

What’s Nano About Water?

In this 30-second video, viewers quickly learn how nanotechnology can filter pesticides and heavy metals out of water.
Representative Image for Apollo 11 50th Video

Remembering the Apollo 11 Moon Landing – 50th Anniversary Event Celebrations

Short video highlights of Apollo 11 50th anniversary events.

Nanomedicine Explorer Website and Videos

The Nanomedicine Explorer is an interactive, bilingual, multimedia program and website with a standalone 3-minute intro video.
Lady in pink shirt stands in the path of a cluster of bubbles

What’s Nano About Bubbles?

In this 30-second video, viewers quickly learn about the rainbow of colors seen in bubbles.
An educator wearing goggles posed at a table with soap, water, and dry ice, ready to record a how-to video for the Sublimation Bubbles activity

Training Video Library on Vimeo

Video library for all NISE Network products is hosted on Vimeo.

Wonders and Worries of Nanotechnology: Regulation

In this 4-minute video, actors portray characters in a 1950s style public service film about regulation and nanotechnology.