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Todd et al 2018 Fostering Conversations Journal of microbiology biology education Cover Page

Fostering Conversation about Synthetic Biology Between Publics and Scientists: A Comparison of Approaches and Outcomes Journal Article

Publication focused on two-way conversations and mutual learning between scientists and public audiences about synthetic biology in the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education.
Building with Biology Participant Impact Evaluation Report cove showing visitors using an activity

Building with Biology Summative Evaluation Reports (2018)

Summative Evaluation Report for Building with Biology project examining outcomes for: 1) public audiences and 2) scientists and informal science educators participating in the project.
Museum & Community Partnerships Project executive summary page 1

NISE Network Museum & Community Partnerships Project Evaluation Report (2017)

Summative evaluation study focused on NISE Network's efforts to support collaborations between museums and local community organizations, investigating impacts on professional participants as well as the extent to which the project reached underserved audiences with relevant, educational, and engaging materials.
NISE Net Public Impacts Summative Evaluation executive summary page 1

NISE Network Nanoscale Science Public Impacts Summative Evaluation (2012-2015) Executive Summary

Executive summary of several summative evaluation reports providing an overview of the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network's overall impacts on the public.
Summative Evaluation icon that incorporates a buckyball

NISE Network Nanoscale Science Public Impacts of Nano-Rich Organizations Summative Evaluation (2016)

Summative evaluation report explores how the resources were used by the diverse range of Network partners, and how individual institutions felt that they were doing at providing their publics with positive experiences and learning outcomes.
Summative Evaluation icon that incorporates a buckyball

Summative Evaluation Study of NanoDays Events (2014)

Summative evaluation report for NanoDays, a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.
research reports icon with a blue background and a buckyball illustration

Nano and Society Case Study of a Research-to-Practice Partnership between University Scientists and Museum Professionals (2014)

Publication conducted by SRI Education that examined how complex and potentially controversial science ideas are translated for the public through a research-to-practice partnership between university scientists and museum professionals, collaborating to address a problem of educational practice, with mutual benefits.
NISE Net Partner report 2016 cover

NISE Network Impacts: Report to Partners

Publication provides an overview of the major activities of the Network and highlights our collective accomplishments related to building collaborations, engaging the public, and increasing the capacity of the field.