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facilitator guide

Gum and Chocolate Chemistry activity - child holding piece of chocolate

Gum and Chocolate

In this activity, learners practice observation and prediction skills as they experience an interesting chemical reaction in their mouths by chewing chocolate and gum at the same time.
Group of learners playing the card game with facilitators

Atoms to Atoms Card Game - training guide and materials

In this training exercise, learners will play a game where they assign descriptive terms to chemistry-related phrases and discuss why they feel that way.
Two girls and an educator building models of molecules

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Facilitator Training Materials

Professional development training tools and videos to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activities.
Young learner sorting colored marbles into three different colored boxes using a tube and funnel

SustainABLE Digital Kit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the SustainABLE kit designed to engage the public in sustainability science.
Young learner sorting colored marbles into three different colored boxes using a tube and funnel

Water Roll

In this activity, learners decide how they would distribute water between homes, farms and factories by sliding marbles down a tube into various containers.
Image of kids lined up preparing for a game of Systems Scramble

Systems Scramble

In this activity, learners will have conversations about how systems work, and how we can work together to better understand systems and work toward creating a more sustainable future.
hands drawing an image prompted by a card that pictures a changing community

My Community

In this activity, learners can draw their neighborhoods and talk about what they like best or least about the places they live. Then, learners are challenged to draw potential improvements they'd like to see in their communities.
Materials image of the Future Builder activity featuring wooden colored blocks and an explanation guide

Future Builder

In this activity, learners build a tower representing a future community. Learners will discover how sustainability is a balance of economic, societal, and environmental efforts.