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Looking at an opal through a scanning electron microscope

Colors at the Nanoscale: Butterflies, Beetles and Opals

In this activity, learners will be exposed to the term ‘Photonic Crystals,' explore some of the well-known photonic crystals in nature and will also be able observe one method that scientists use in trying to replicate this process.
Large blue and orange interactive exhibit that features the properties of blue butterfly wings on the nanoscale. Exhibit has three boxes with preserved butterflies under a light and a large sign going into detail on nanostructures

Changing Colors exhibit

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that shows how some high-tech nanomaterials mimic natural phenomena.
Three learners and a facilitator compare their dye colors to a PH scale

Nature of Dye

In this activity, learners create their own dyes and art while exploring how chemicals interact.
Group of learners examine color diffusion on various papers

Chemistry is Colorful

In this activity, learners try to solve the mystery of which ink came from what marker by using colorful paper chromatography.
A family looks at an image through a blue filter

Exploring the Universe: Filtered Light

In this activity, learners discover how colored filters can help reveal more about an image and we can use light and filters to learn more about an object.
NISE Network logo in full color - blue

NISE Network logo - National Informal STEM Education Network

Promotional materials for the National Informal STEM Education Network including logos, colors, font, and specifications in multiple formats.
Paint tubes and a paint brush on top of paper colored with blue paint

Interference Acrylics: Painting with Structural Color

In this activity, learners explore structural color by comparing acrylic paint and interference acrylic paint
Closeup photo of Blue Morpho Butterfly

Butterfly Blues video

In this O Wow Moments video, Mr. O talks about iridescence and Blue Morpho butterflies.
two children looking at Blue Morpho butterfly

Exploring Structures - Butterfly

In this activity, learners investigate how butterfly wings get their color and that some wings get their color from the nanoscale structures on the wings instead of pigments.