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Mother and two daughters investigating giant balls of ice in Ice Orbs activity

2017 Explore Science: Earth & Space Digital Toolkit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the Explore Science: Earth and Space 2017 toolkit designed to engage the public in Earth and space science.
NISE Net 2017 Events Video

Explore Science: Earth & Space Events 2017 video

Video highllighting just a few of Earth and Space events held by NISE Network partners in 2017.
A learner and facilitator place a heavy ball in the middle of a fabric stretched well

Exploring the Universe: Orbiting Objects

In this activity, learners experiment with different sized and weighted balls on a stretchy fabric gravity well.
a learner creates and draws an extremophile that could live on another planet

Exploring the Universe: Imagining Life

In this activity, learners imagine extreme environments that may exist beyond Earth and create living things that could thrive there.
two learners and a facilitator examine three ice orbs

Exploring the Universe: Ice Orbs

In this activity, learners investigate a sphere of ice and objects hidden inside as a model for icy worlds in our solar system.
Solar Eclipse ativity with young museum visitors at 2017 Science Museum of Minnesota Earth Day event

Exploring the Solar System: Solar Eclipse

In this activity, learners investigate the positions of the Sun, Earth, and Moon to create shadows and learn about solar eclipses.
Big Sun Small Moon activity with children explores the concept of apparent size and allows visitors to experience this phenomena using familiar objects - a tennis ball and a beach ball

Exploring the Solar System: Big Sun, Small Moon

In this activity, learners explore the concept of the apparent size by looking at models of celestial bodies at different distances.
Group shot of learners creating their pocket solar systems

Exploring the Solar System: Pocket Solar System

In this activity, learners make a scale model of the distances between objects in our solar system.
A group of learners observing a cloud that was made in a plastic bottle

Exploring Earth: Investigating Clouds

In this activity, learners create a cloud in a bottle and explore it with laser light.
Family traces water line on clear piece of plastic

Exploring Earth: Rising Sea

In this activity, learners explore how to use topographical mapping techniques to track changes in sea level and have discussions about the effects of rising sea levels on the environment and coastal communities.