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Exploring Products - Nano Fabrics acitivty components including signs, guides, and mini pants coated with nano materials

Exploring Products - Nano Fabrics

In this activity, learners investigate the hydrophobic properties of pants made from nano fabric and ordinary fabric.
Exploring Tools - Transmission Electron Microscopes activity components including signs, activity materials and guides.

Exploring Tools - Transmission Electron Microscopes

In this activity, learners use a model of a transmission electron microscope to image an object by looking at its shadow.
Two learners and a facilitator wear white head to toe coverall cleanroom suits with gloves and safety goggles

Exploring Tools - Dress Up Like a Nanoscientist

In this activity, learners see what they would look like in a cleanroom suit and consider all the special gear that nanoscientists need to work in a very clean place.
A person using thin slice of graphite to cut ice.

Exploring Properties - Heat Transfer

In this activity, learners investigate how quickly heat is transferred through two different materials.
NanoDays Nano Food activity components including sign, guides, and activity materials.

Exploring Products - Nano Food

In this activity, learners explore how nanotechnology may be used in food products.
Girl holding sand in hands

Exploring Products - Kinetic Sand

In this activity, learners investigate and compare the properties of Kinetic Sand and regular sand.
Learners discuss a picture card from the activity together

Exploring Nano & Society - Tell a Nano Story

In this activity, learners are inspired by picture cards to tell a story about nanotechnologies in the future.
Two learners and one facilitator look at gold nanoparticles suspended in a solution which makes a red color

Exploring Materials - Stained-Glass Windows

In this activity, learners use contact paper and colored tissue paper to create a "nanoparticle stained-glass" window.
Hands holding square of polarizers and transparent tape

Exploring Materials - Polarizers

In this activity, learners experiment how polarizers affect light by using two polarizing sheets and overlapping layers of transparent tape.
Girl looking at stained glass craft using NanoDays Exploring Materials - Stained-Glass Windows

NanoDays 2015 Digital Kit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the NanoDays 2015 kit designed to engage the public in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology and their impact on society.impact on society.