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NanoDays 2013 - sharing photos from your event

Catherine McCarthy

We are always excited to see photos of your NanoDays 2013 events -  in particular we love to get photos of your NanoDays team.

NanoDays 2011 at the Sciencenter in Ithaca, NY

NanoDays 2011 at the Sciencenter in Ithaca, NY

Here’s how:

1. Take some photos of your team at your NanoDays event.

2. Make sure to have people in the photos sign releases;  some background information and a copy of the photo release form is available on page 22-23 of the NanoDays 2013 Planning Guide:

3. Email your photos to [email protected] with the title in the subject line and a description of the photos in the body of the email (don't forget to tell us what institution you're from). You can send them in one batch (they'll all get the same title and description) or in separate emails. This automatically posts them to the NISE Net Flickr account. Please only send photos for which you have releases!

4. Email a pdf of the releases to Eli Bossin at [email protected] or mail hard copies to Eli Bossin, Museum of Science, Science Park, Boston, MA 02114-1099. Once we get the releases, we’ll tag the photos "NanoDays2013."

5. Questions? Email Eli Bossin at [email protected].