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Making the most of your mini-exhibition: Marketing Guide

Christina Akers

Pictured:  WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology in Bloomington, IN

This blog post is part of a series providing information for organizations hosting the Nano mini-exhibition created by the NISE Network about the use, maintenance, and general ways to enhance your copy of Nano.

If there’s not an app for it, there’s usually a guide!

If you haven’t already, check out the "Marketing Guide," which is a part of the "Host Resources" binder that accompanies the Nano exhibition.  Within the Marketing Guide you’ll find logos, fonts, and even color specifications for all promotional materials available for the Nano exhibition. We even include sample ads and engaging images taken for marketing your copy of the exhibition. Sample ads include various formats and orientations – small, medium, large; vertical and horizontal; etc. These professionally designed pieces capture the playful exploration that the exhibition stimulates, with gorgeous shots of real museum visitors discovering Nano for the first time.  You can access all the digital files of the ads and images on the Nano mini-exhibition listing on the website:

"Are these ads and images something I can use for marketing my copy of Nano?" Absolutely! We specifically created these materials for your use while hosting the exhibit. You are free to download the digital files and adapt these marketing resources to fit your needs.

"Who do I credit?" Thrilled you asked! We always give credit where due, and page fifteen (15) of your Marketing Guide has all the information you need to credit the different images and acknowledge support.

Finally, in addition to engaging photos and eye-catching ads, we also provide some great language to use when describing your mini-exhibition to the public. Refer to the first few pages of the guide for tag lines and brief descriptions. Pages sixteen and seventeen (16-17) also have a template press release for your use.

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If you have any questions about this or any other "Making the Most of your mini-exhibition" blog post, please contact Christina Akers:

A recording of the NISE Net Brown Bag presentation about "Marketing Strategies" for the Nano mini-exhibition is available: