Intro to Nano

How small is small? What's a nanotube? The basics of nano can be difficult to grasp. The NISE Network has developed a number of media assets that can help you get a grip on the smallest of science.


  • Intro to Nanotechnology Video

    "Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal?" is a video introduction to the Intro to Nanotechnology exhibition. Get a broad overview of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by nanoscale science, and dive into the super tiny scale of nanotechnology.

  • Intro to Nanomedicine video

    What is Nanomedicine? This is the introductory component for the Nanomedicine exhibit package. The structure includes a text panel and a narrated-and-captioned 2.5 minute video which plays on demand in either English or Spanish on a 32-inch LCD screen. The video's colorful animation and researcher commentary complements the accompanying text panel to provide a brief overview of some of the basic ideas and goals of nanomedicine.

  • How Small is Nano video

    What is a nanometer? What things are measured in nanometers? Is a red blood cell bigger or smaller than a bacteria? This video takes you on an adventure of scale from the macrosize to the microsize to the nanosize!. Companion Book and Poster

  • Talking Nano DVD Set

    This 6-video DVD set features Don Eigler, George Whitesides, David Rejeski, Eric Mazur, and Tim Miller and provides a basic Nano 101 introduction to nanotechnology, potential applications, implications, and impacts. Designed for classroom, informal, and professional development use, the videos are tightly edited with close-ups and illustrations.


  • Selected Books About Nano

    A brief list of select nano resources for reference, a gentle introduction to nano, as well as some children's books suitable for read-aloud story-times or to augment another program.

Cart and Stage Presentations

  • Intro to Nano Cart Demo

    This cart demonstration reviews the basics about nanotechnology. Visitors learn that nanoscale objects are very small and have surprising properties because of their size. They also learn about some of the possible technologies that may lead to. They mix chemicals, turn potatoes black, generate electricity, and see invisible light in their exploration.

  • Intro to Nano - Stage Presentation

    This is a stage presentation, designed for audiences of 11 and up, intended to give a broad overview and introduction to the subject of nanotechnology. The talk attempts to answer three basic questions about nanotech: How is It New, What Can It Do, and Do You Care?

Presentations specifically for museum staff / educators

  • Content Map
    The Nanoscale Science Informal Learning Experiences: NISE Network Content Map articulates the key ideas for our educational products, including programs, exhibits, and media experiences. It presents the content knowledge the network has identified as the most important for engaging the public in learning about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. Content map resources include the full written text document, a powerpoint presentation outlining the map, and a one-page graphic summary of the map. 

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