Biobarcodes: Antibodies and nanosensors


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Biobarcodes: Antibodies and nanosensors


This cart demo is about Biobarcodes, a nanomedical technology that allows for massively parallel testing for disease diagnosis. Visitors learn about antibodies, how each antibody binds to a unique protein, and how biobarcoding uses nanoparticles, antibodies, DNA and magnetism to detect diseases earlier than we could detect before. Visitors assemble a jigsaw puzzle that models how Biobarcodes™ work.


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Life science: 

9-12: The cell

Physical science: 

K-4: Properties of objects and materials
5-8: Properties and changes of properties in matter
9-12: Structure and properties of matter

Science and Technology: 

K-4: Understanding about science and technology
5-8: Understanding about science and technology
9-12: Understanding about science and technology

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: 

K-4: Personal health
5-8: Personal health
9-12: Personal and community health


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