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Fun with Nano Numbers!

Eli Bossin

NISE Net partner Becky Wolfe of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis recently shared some fun nano math she and a colleague calculated over lunch:

We were talking at lunch today (we being my fellow museum educators) about the recent mini-marathon in Indy.  Our discussion was why it was called a mini-marathon if it was really a half marathon.  One of my colleagues said she was only interested in a nano-marathon. That got me thinking – exactly how long would a nano marathon be. Here’s...


MRS Call for Papers- Deadline Approaching!


The 2012 MRS Fall meeting in Boston takes place November 25-30, but the deadline for abstract submission is just around the corner!  All abstracts must be submitted by June 19th.  Click here for more information on abstract submission guidleines and details about the meeting.


DIY Nano App now available

Catherine McCarthy

Over 20,000 people have downloaded the new DIY Nano App! 

The DIY Nano app allows families to experience and learn about nanoscale science, engineering, and...


The NISE Net is an Easter Egg Treat?

Larry Bell

In April 2005, when we were conceptualizing the NISE Net and writing the first proposal, we made various stabs at trying to draw a diagram that would represent the NISE Net.  Here's one that I did.  We never used it but it became known as the Easter Egg diagram. So here it is 7 years later and you can see that things are quite different today from what is in this image.  Nevertheless, spring is in the air and that is something to...


Nano Love

Vrylena Olney

Michael Wilson (aka "Coma Niddy"), who also happens to be an Explainer at the New York Hall of Science, created this nano-themed music video for Valentine's Day:

The lyrics are posted below, you can find citations and more information here.



I got that...


ASTC to Announce Support for a PES Community of Practice

Larry Bell

ASTC is going to announce its support for a Community of Practice around Public Engagement with Science at the upcoming ASTC conference in an open session on Sunday, October 16, at 10:30 AM...


Risk, Uncertainty, and Sustainable Innovation: New perspectives on emerging challenges

Larry Bell

We scientists and innovators should just accept the idea that when it comes to new and emerging technologies that at some point along the way we are going to “cock it up.”  The public knows it will happen and we can build a more trusting relationship with the public if we fess up to it in advance. This is one idea expressed today at a conference organized by Andrew Maynard at the University of Michigan.

Participants from industry, government, academia, and non-government sectors gathered today in Ann Arbor today to explore thorny topics related to risk and emerging technologies. Rae...