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Real World Nano: Why Does Nano Matter? Bio-Non-Bio Interfaces

Clark Miller, Arizona State University

What would it mean if biological and non-biological systems were not just fully connectable but fully interchangeable? That’s one of the questions that nanotechnology poses for us. More than any other field of scientific inquiry, nanotechnology operates at the basic scales of biology. DNA, for example, has a rough width of 2.5 nm. Viruses are roughly 20 to 250 nm. A bacteria is roughly 1000 nm. So, nanotechnology spans from the scale of individual biological molecules through the scale of simple biological systems to the scale of living cells.

Earth Day 2010

Vrylena Olney

Earth Day is April 22nd, and there are lots of potential Earth Day - nano ties.  Here's a sample of resources, activities, and articles that might be relevant: 

Energy (general)

Spring Professional Development Opportunities

Vrylena Olney

We'll be at both the Materials Research Society's Meeting in San Francisco and the Association of Children's Museums Interactivity 2010 Annual Meeting in St. Paul, MN this spring.

Grant Opportunity for Materials Science Outreach Program

Vrylena Olney

Richard Souza, who is leading the Materials Research Society's involvement in the NISE Network, forwarded me this announcement about a small grant opportunity open to our partners. There's more information below, but please note that the application due date is April 1. The grant is for organizing outreach activities in connection with the release of Making Stuff, a PBS tv series on materials science. One of the four episodes is focused on nanotechnology, and nano will be a common thread throughout the segments.

Real World Nano: Why does nano matter? Surface area.

Clark Miller, Arizona State University

Thanks, everyone, for your great comments to the first RWN post! Keep 'em coming. I'll respond there and in future posts. The question for today is: why does nano matter?

Nano Jobs!

Vrylena Olney

Lotus Leaves and Nano Pants at the Too Small To See Opening at the Sciencenter.