The NISE Network is a national community of researchers and informal science educators dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. is an online digital library of public nano educational products and tools designed for educators and scientists.

"Exploring Structures - Butterfly" (NanoDays 2012) short activity

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March 26-April 3, 2016

The NanoDays 2015 digital kit is available for download!  



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Museum & Community Partnerships

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The NISE Network is pleased to make available a limited number of Museum & Community Partnerships “Explore Science” kits designed to facilitate outreach and collaborations.  The Network will provide kits to up to 100 NISE Network partner institutions that apply and meet eligibility requirements (see below) and are selected through a competitive review process.​ Applications due: November 13, 2015.

Nano Bite: November 2015

Welcome to the November Nano Bite, the monthly e-newsletter for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) and community.


  • Community News - Don't Delay! Explore Science Kit Application is Due Friday, November 13th, Creating Conversations about Synthetic Biology through Nationwide Building with Biology Events, NISE Network Partner Opportunities Galore!, NanoDays at the 2015 International Beijing Science Festival, 2015 ASTC Leading Edge Awards for Leadership in the Field
  • Upcoming Events - Online Brown-Bag Conversations: Staying Connected to the Network and Community, 2015 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting & Exhibit News and Events
  • Featured on the Website - Team Based Inquiry (TBI) Cohort 2015 organizations describe their evaluation capacity-building projects, What is the Blackest Black?, The World's Smallest Robots: Rise of the Nanomachines
  • Partner Highlight - A "viaje" (journey) to remember: A foundation of trust built between Adventure Science Center and Conexión Américas inspires Nano Family Science Event
  • Science in the News - Glass-nanosphere-coated clothing repels flashbulbs and would-be photobombs

Online Brown-Bag: Activities and Conversations about Synthetic Biology: The Building with Biology Project

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Learn how you can get involved in a national conversation about synthetic biology! In this online brown-bag conversation, we'll present a general introduction to the fast-growing field of biological engineering and describe a NSF-funded project that brings together professionals from the scientific community and informal science educators to create conversations between synthetic biology scientists and members of the public around the societal implications of this topic.

Partner Highlight: A “viaje” (journey) to remember: A foundation of trust built between Adventure Science Center and Conexión Américas inspires Nano Family Science Event

Kayla Berry, Musuem of Science and Larry Dunlap-Berg, Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a premier attraction and learning center for visitors throughout Middle Tennessee and lives its mission to “ignite curiosity and inspire the lifelong discovery of science!” Learning does not solely take place inside the science center’s walls, it extends well beyond them and in many different forms. As a 2015 NISE Net Mini-Grant recipient, Adventure Science Center was able to leverage an established relationship with a local community organization, Conexión Américas, whose mission is to assist Latino families through programs that focus on social, economic and civic integration.

NanoDays at the 2015 International Beijing Science Festival

Brad Herring, Museum of Life and Science and Frank Kusiak, Lawrence Hall of Science

How do you go from doing NanoDays in the US to holding NanoDays in Beijing, China?

The story starts simply enough. While facilitating activities at NanoDays 2015 in the Museum of Science, Boston, Pei Zhang who currently serves as the Executive Director of the US China Scitech Education Promotion Association, was inspired by what she experienced. She loved the hands-on activities and engagement between volunteers and the public and wanted to bring the NanoDays experience to China.

Summary flyer describing new opportunities for Network partners

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota
NISE Net logo

At the October 2015 ASTC Conference, the NISE Network distributed a one-page summary of all the new upcoming opportunities for new and existing NISE Network partners including:

A summary is provided below as well as a downloadable PDF.  

Larry Bell and Marilyn Johnson both win ASTC Leading Edge Award for Leadership in the Field

Catherine McCarthy
Larry Bell and Marilyn Johnson receive awards

Many congratulations to Larry Bell and Marilyn Johnson - the 2015 recipients of the ASTC Leading Edge Award for Leadership in the Field (Nonexecutive Leadership). 

As senior vice president for strategic initiatives at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts, Larry has tirelessly served at the NISE Network's PI for the last 10 years. Our longterm collaborator Marilyn has just recently retired after nearly 20 years with OSMI in Portland, Oregon. 

Online Brown-Bag: Planning a Museum and Community Partnership Project (Recorded)

NISE Net Online Brown-Bag Conversation
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Join this conversation for an introduction to NISE Net’s new Museum and Community Partnerships project, which will support efforts by Network partners to develop or improve existing partnerships with local community-based organizations. Through these partnerships, museums will be able to extend their reach to underserved audiences and help community organizations provide high-quality STEM learning experiences to their audiences. 

2015 MRS Fall Meeting

MRS meeting logo
Sunday, November 29, 2015 to Friday, December 4, 2015

Conference website:

The following public outreach and professional development events are sponsored by the Materials Research Society Foundation and various partners listed below.