Viz Lab Zooms

Zooms show the same object at different size scales. They can take many forms, from the classic Eames' film "Powers of Ten" to an exhibit label with a series of still images. Zooms are frequently used to engage the public with objects that are beyond our perception, transporting viewers from the familiar to often unfamiliar small objects (such as cells or atoms). In the journey from the everyday to smaller scales, zooms give viewers a sense of relative size and convey that things are made of smaller parts.

Given the effectiveness of zooms in transporting the visitor from their world to the unfamiliar landscape of the nanoscale, Viz Lab has created two interactive zooms. "Zoom into a Human Hand" and "Zoom Into a Nasturtium Leaf." These zooms combine our scale ladder with a novel spiral interface that allows the user to explore objects across multiple scales.


Zooms in the Catalog