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Victoria Coats


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I am currently leading exhibit research and development at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland, Oregon. Highlights of my 20+ years at OMSI include major exhibit projects on environmental issues, natural history, applied technology, and human biology. During my time at the museum I have learned to love collaborative projects and barely kick or scream at all any more.

My interest in collaboration began with the Exhibit Research Collaborative (ERC), and resulted in a book based on the work of the ERC, "Seeking Synergy: Creating a Museum Collaborative That Works." My newest collaborative venture is the Small Museum Research Collaborative (SMRC), a partnership between OMSI and five small museums to create more audience-appropriate small traveling exhibits.

In summer 2006 I fulfilled my midlife dream of climbing to the top Mt. St. Helens. In my free time I grocery shop for, feed, and clothe two teenage boys and an overworked middle-school teacher.


Health and medicine, Environment, Energy, Societal implications

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