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Chris ToumeyChris Toumey
Chris Toumey is a cultural anthropologist in the University of South Carolina NanoCenter. His interest in societal issues in nanotechnology has resulted in more than 35 published articles on this topic. His two primary areas of research have been: [A] democratizing nanotechnology, that is, creating and identifying processes in which nonexperts can have active and constructive roles in nanotechnology policy; and [B] contested stories of the origin and development of nanotech, e.g., the Feynman story of the origin of nanotechnology. Other interests include: religious reactions to nanotechnology; interpreting SPM images of the nanoscale; and implications for privacy. His commentaries on nanotech appear four times a year in Nature Nanotechnology.

Prior to his interest in nanotechnology, Chris Toumey researched a series of public scientific controversies, including the creation-evolution controversy, cold fusion, and fluoridation. His article on mad scientist stories is well known in studies of science and literature. His ethnography of the creationist movement, God’s Own Scientists, was published by Rutgers University Press, as was Conjuring Science, his account of the deployment and manipulation of the popular symbols of science in public scientific controversies.



Health and medicine, Societal implications

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