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I am Tariq Sahali and I am recognized for my technical aptitude, troubleshooting perception, evangelism and presentation style . This recognition has earned the nickname – tarqnology.

Tarqnology is my ability to convey technical information in a non-technical manner to advanced & non-technical users of technology. Specifically, my technical expertise encompasses enterprise information technology support, digital media development and delivery (broadcasting), and Nanotechnology – an applied science.

In IT, I am responsible for delivering timely technical solutions of varying scopes (Hardware, software, networking, and peripherals) to the end-user in a corporate environment. Having the ability to “put myself in their shoes”, a keen sense of empathy coupled with a supreme level of patience, and the know-how has made IT a great part of what I do and quite popular amongst my co-workers.

In the world of Digital Media development, I’m responsible for planning, test scripting and quality assurance of hardware and software applications, coordination of content delivery via multiple sources, and addressing individuals or large groups to advancements of future digital production concepts and tools.

As for advanced technology, Nanotechnology is now a subject I apply the aforementioned abilities to the development of future technologies.

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Nanoscale phenomena, Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Health and medicine, Environment, Information technology, Energy, Societal implications, Safety, Economics, Equity, Careers in nano, Consumer products, Envisioning the future

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