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Roger Barrett came to the Science Museum of Minnesota in 2000 as an internet developer and youth instructor in the museum's Learning Technologies Center, where he developed the Studio 3D website and taught courses for children ages preschool to high school in how playfully to integrate art and technology. In 2003, he joined the exhibits team, illustrating and designing graphics for the Robots and Us traveling exhibition. Since then, Mr. Barrett has designed graphics for the Science Museum of Minnesota's Current Science program, the Water Planet and Wild Music exhibitions, and external projects such as Explore Evolution. Mr. Barrett has also been the Lead Designer and art director for Science Buzz, NISEnet exhibits, Goosebumps: the Science of Fear, and is currently the lead designer for the World of Ecology project for the California Science Center. Mr. Barrett completed courses in graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has a degree in Graphic Design from the City College of San Francisco.


Environment, Energy, Safety, Consumer products

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