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I am first and foremost a person in love with science and technology. No matter what I choose to learn in life I always use the scientific method for ascertaining my goals!

As a former fitness entrepreneur I learned about web design and online marketing through necessity. However, my love for design and marketing slowly started to out shine my love for fitness. In 2008 I started a social media marketing website called and a mobile website design company in NYC called to share my passion and expertise to other small businesses just as I had shared fitness and nutrition knowledge. As a science and technology enthusiast with a childhood love of drawing, web design and online marketing was an easy transition as I am using the same scientific methods with a dash of intuition and art in everything I do.


This past year I thought I’d put my passion for science to good use and help the scientists, geeks and innovators that are changing our world. Part of helping these exceptional individuals is getting their views, info, latest works and personalities in front of the science and tech enthusiasts that want to engage, interact and show appreciation for these people. That’s where SwarmKnowledge comes in; I want to bridge the barrier between the extraordinary individual and the lay person to help each party understand the needs and mindset of the other. Thus, I will be writing about technology, education and science to spur on new patterns of thought and conduct interviews to help both the lay person and the scientist understand better the views of each other. Furthermore, I’d like for all individuals to connect so we can learn and progress from each other. Science has never been more intertwined and interdependent between all realms of thinking than now. The web has lead to a great part of this holistic line of thought and it will continue to enhance it.

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Technology tools and applications, Health and medicine, Information technology, Societal implications, Careers in nano, Consumer products, Envisioning the future

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