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Hi -- I'm Suzi, and my job is awesome! At Montana State University, I help identify, develop and publicize educational programs for non-traditional audiences....distance learning, continuing education and informal outreach for kids and adults. I also help develop rich media content, including podcasts, Web video and--this is the best part--touch-screen exhibits for our new Studio 1080 multimedia center.

My past jobs have included MSU's Director of Publications and Graphics, Ag Communications instructor, publications editor for MSU Extension, marketing coordinator for a pizza chain, and Santa's elf at the mall. (That was quite awhile ago. It's interesting. You should try it.)

My husband is a high school science teacher, and we own Balloons Over Bozeman, a hot air balloon company. In my free time I like mountain biking, golf, taking crazy photos of my kids in PhotoBooth, and messing around in Facebook (oops, I mean conducting Web 2.0 research). My other dream job is to be marketing director for the Chicago Cubs. If you know anyone, please put in a good word.


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