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Mohammed Baalousha



Dr. Mohammed Baalousha obtained a BSc in Civil Engineering from the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine in 2001. After that, he moved to France where he completed a Masters degree in Applied Mechanics from the University Bordeaux 1 in 2002 and a PhD in Environmental Biogeochemistry entitled “Environmental role of colloids as carriers of trace elements” in 2006. Between 2006 and 2013, he has undertaken a variety of postdoctoral research role at the University of Birmingham, UK in the area of the Environmental Nanoscience. He moves to the University of South Carolina as Assistant Professor in Environmental Nanoscience in January 2014. Dr. Baalousha’s research interests are interdisciplinary in nature including understanding the role of natural nanoparticles as carriers of trace contaminants and understanding the fate, behavior and biological effects of manufactured nanomaterials in the environment. In particular he is interested in:

Understanding the environmental and human health effects of nanomaterials by linking their effects to their physicochemical properties,

Quantifying the environmental exposure to nanomaterials in the environment,

Understanding the transformations, fate, behavior and effects of nanomaterials in environmental systems,

Understanding the effect of nanomaterials on the fate and behavior of contaminants in the environment,

Developing analytical tools and methodologies for analysis of nanomaterials


Nanoscale phenomena, Environment, Careers in nano

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