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Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
Sponsored Principle Investigator

Megan Lawrence, PhD



Dr. Megan Lawrence is a sponsored Principle Investigator in the Rehabilitation and Engineering Research Center (RERC) on blindness and low vision for the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. Dr. Lawrence's research broadly investigates access to information through technology for people with disabilities. She has collaborated with several university and industry partners (including University of Oregon, eTouchSciences, Lawrence Hall of Science and AudoDesk) to develop novel accessible tools for STEM education. In addition, she works closely with the Video Description Research and Development Center (VDRDC) to provide access to educational video material. Dr. Lawrence has worked on several NIH, NSF and NIDRR funded grant projects developing and testing auditory geographic information displays, models of crowdsourced geospatial database design, and 3D printed STEM models to enhance universally designed classrooms and science museum displays.


Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Environment, Information technology, Equity

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