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I live in the Pacific Northwest where I cultivate colors in my garden for the 10 month growing season, or during more inclement weather, I weave colors with beads, yarn, paint, or quantum dot nano-education activities. I don't sit still well, so Informal Science Education suits my curiosity and desire to communicate about the wonders of the world with eager minds.
For the last fifteen years I have done this at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) through jobs including R & D, publications, directing museum & teacher programs, and currently leading exhibit and program research and development. My favorite projects have included Latinas en Ciencia--a gender equity project, STARS (Science Technology and Rural Students)--a collaboration with rural libraries and communities, development of public laboratories (like OMSI's walk-in wet chemistry lab), and curriculum development, including a placed-based program called Expedition Northwest. PI experience includes NIH/SEPA, NSF, NASA, IMLS, and corporate grants. Prior experience includes higher ed faculty, founding a public math/science/technology K-8 school, and international development. BS/MS/PhD in Microbiology and Nutrition with a Biochemistry emphasis.


Societal implications, Equity

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