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Jamey Wetmore received his doctorate in Science & Technology Studies from Cornell University in 2003. He then completed two years of postdoctoral research in technology and ethics with Deborah Johnson at the University of Virginia. His research examines the relationship between technology and society in a variety of different ways. He has studied the history and politics of transportation, the Amish use of technology; nanotechnology and religion, and engineering ethics and engages with scientists and engineers to help them consider the societal implications and potential applications of their work. He works with the Center for Nanotechnology in Society and the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes to develop new ways to be reflexive about technology and scientific research in order to improve our understanding of their effects and guide innovations toward socially desirable outcomes. Jamey is currently finishing a book that examines the social and political history of automotive restraints in the United States and explores how responsibilities for various aspects of safety were distributed, reconceived, and redistributed over the past forty years. He is co-author, with Deborah Johnson, of Technology & Society: Building our Sociotechnical Future (MIT Press, 2008).


Societal implications, Equity, Envisioning the future

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