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Sensory Motor Performance Program
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Danielle Kerkovich


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Danielle is trained as a molecular biologist with an interest in neuroscience and development. She’s spent years developing federal and nonprofit funding portfolios in prosthetics, rehabilitation engineering, spinal cord injury, central nervous system disorders and burn injury for the Department of Veterans Affairs; most recently in response to current conflicts. Along the way, she’s volunteered her time with the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation and Paralyzed Veterans of America. A published author and practiced presenter, these days Danielle is looking forward to expanding upon her experiences presenting complex scientific concepts to fellow scientists, clinicians, legislative decision makers and lay audiences into museum exhibits.

Danielle’s interest in nanotechnology began in 2002 when she was asked to write a congressional briefing document on retinal prostheses. Since then, her world has gotten smaller and smaller and….


Nanoscale phenomena, Health and medicine, Careers in nano, Envisioning the future

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