intro to nano

Intro to Nano Cart Demo

This cart demonstration reviews the basics about nanotechnology. Visitors learn that nanoscale objects are very small and have surprising properties because of their size. They also learn about some of the possible technologies that may lead to. They mix chemicals, turn potatoes black, generate electricity, and see invisible light in their exploration.

It's a Nano World

It's a Nano World is a traveling 3,000 square feet exhibition developed and toured by the Sciencenter. It's a Nano World introduces children and their families to the biological wonders of the nano world and is designed for 5-8 year olds and their families.


An overview of nanotechnology developed by IEEE, IBM, and the New York Hall of Science. The website includes information on materials and applications, interviews with nanotechnology experts, and extensive online resources such as lesson plans, games, and images.

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