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Sesamedia's Maker-in-Residence (MIR) program brings makers and educators together to create fun inspired programs for classrooms, museums and libraries. In the spirit of STEAM, participants are taught to create with hands-on technology in the context of a larger realized project that considers history, society, and contemporary art. Residency lengths can vary from an afternoon to several weeks and include live demonstrations of Maker projects, open source hardware and software teachings, and opportunities to exhibit and share student work in the physical and digital worlds with peers, classmates, families and the community.

Presentations on MIR subjects are flexible and can also be integrated into conferences, business retreats and short evening programs.

STEAM-e-ZINE (pronounced steam ee zeen) is an electronic quarterly 'zine and website that explores initiatives integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. In the context of the Critical Making dialogue and from the perspective of contemporary art, STEAM-e-ZINE looks to the history and culture of new and emerging technologies. Subscribers also receive Vermont Makers programming updates.


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