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The Network for Computational Nanotechnology is a network of 6 universities working together to connect theory, experiment, and computation in a way that makes a difference to the future of nanotechnology.

The NCN's approach to research flows from a commitment to connect experiment, theory, and computation in a new way. Our focus is applied, but long term. Each project has clear objectives, a three-year duration, and a mission to advance the field. We choose projects that are ready for a coordinated, multi-disciplinary attack. Sufficient science must have been done so that a promise of significant, new technologies has been identified. A team of experts with complementary skills and interests addresses outstanding scientific questions as well as important technological issues. The team begins with atomistic treatments of materials and connects them to mesoscopic descriptions of devices, and finally to the macroscopic description of integrated nanosystems. In the process of addressing these problems, the teams wrestle with the challenges of connecting length and time scales and crossing disciplinary boundaries. Each project also includes significant computational challenges, and an applied mathematician or computer scientist to address those challenges.

We aim to advance the field and, at the same time, develop the understanding, approaches, and simulation tools that will allow engineers to design new nanoelectronic and NEMS technologies. The fields that the NCN addresses — Nanoelectronics, Nanoelectromechanical Systems, and Nano-bioelectronics — are broad but with sufficient focus so that they can benefit from synergies. Ultimately we see these three themes merging with the goal of connecting dry electronic and mechanical nanosystems to wet biological nanosystems.

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