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Dr. Richard Hudson is the Director of Science Production at TPT-Twin Cities Public Television in St. Paul, Minnesota. He oversees TPT's science productions for both adults and children. Of special interest are the recent six episodes of DragonflyTV on nanoscience, produced in collaboration with NISENET museums and research institutions. These programs can be viewed online at A new series, SCIGIRLS, is in production and will premiere on PBS stations in February 2010. (See for production updates.) Other projects include Exploring Time, a two hour special on change over time, and The Quest to See Infinity, a two-hour special for NOVA on the history of the telescope.

Dr. Hudson was Series Producer and then Executive Producer of the Emmy-award-winning PBS science series, Newton's Apple, and has also directed the creation of a range of science-learning products, from CD-ROMs to hands-on science kits to printed resources for teachers. He has participated in AAAS workshops on the public understanding of science, and is a frequent speaker at national forums on scientific literacy.

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