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Some of the following is true:

I moved to Malden from the deserts of Northeastern Colorado.
I love this southern heat.
I was born in Germany.
I once owned a hedgehog named Harry.
I am dyslexic.
I have three sisters, two of whom are firefighters.
I was a Disney character between semesters during college.
During my senior year, I hit 860 for my fast pitch softball team.
One of my favorite childhood memories is the giant oak tree on my Grandfather's property -- so big it took all four girls reaching hand-to-hand to encircle it.
I played on a nationally-ranked volleyball team during college.
I displayed hands on interactive art in my first solo art exhibition.
My father coached college football at Miami of Ohio, Bowling Green State University and the University of Colorado (not during the game with the infamous fifth down).
Before I die, I want to have two experiences: hit a hole-in one and swim with the dolphins.
During my life, I have earned a living doing the following: athletic trainer, construction worker, offset-press operator, UPS trailer loader, gallery director, college professor, theatrical stage designer/builder, landscaper, lifeguard, and forest service ranger.
When I retire, I want to call tee times at Pebble Beach.
I collect and read books on photography.
I often refer to brain as a vast lake of shallow knowledge.
I was trained to cook by a Julia Childs protégé.
I once caught the same fish at the same time as my twin sister.
I collect toy trucks.
I'd rather remodel an old house than move into a new one.
I had an invisible dinosaur as a best friend when I was 2 years old.

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Nanoscale phenomena, Information technology, Consumer products, Envisioning the future

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