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I was born and raised in Ohio, where I developed a fascination for natural phenomena like rocks, minerals, dolphins, and clouds. I received my informal artistic training at art-school parties in Cleveland (B.S., 2005, CWRU) and my formal scientific training at nerd-parties in Berkeley (Ph.D., 2010, UC-Berkeley).

I am a chemist. I love chemistry because of how important it is to human civilization and because of the wonderful window the tiny world of chemicals, with all its different shapes and sizes, provides into the nature of our much larger world. I also like bicycling, boogie boarding, and am currently obsessed with Dr. Who.

I first became interested in science education and outreach in graduate school when I facilitated science activities in classrooms. Seeing the excitement in a 5th graders eyes as she discovers that salt water conducts electricity was just as exciting as discovering a new chemical reaction. For my official jobs, I am an instructor at Madison College and the Education & Outreach Leader for the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology. For the latter, I edit the scientist-written blog In my spare time I write my personal blog Science Minus Details and am co-boss of Nerd Nite Madison.


Nanoscale phenomena, Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Environment, Energy, Societal implications, Safety, Consumer products, Envisioning the future

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