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Khaled Saoud


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Khaled K.Saoud
Research: Chemical Physics, Materials Science, Nanotechnology

Biographical Sketch: Khaled saoud obtained his BS from Yarmouk University and his Master’s degree in applied physics from Virginia Commonwealth University. He then completed his PhD in 2005 in chemical physics at the chemistry and Physics departments, Virginia Commonwealth University working on developing nanomaterials for different applications such as catalysis. His research was mainly research focuses in general on the synthesis, characterization and applications of nanoscale materials. His research is involved in the sized controlled synthesis of nanomaterials, their detailed characterization and investigation of size dependent changes in the properties of these materials such as nanocatalysts, and nanoparticle systems of metals, metal alloys, nanoparticle/polymer hybrid nanostructures, and metal oxides.
He held many industrial positions at major American companies such as Philip Morris USA, Intel Corporation, and Nova Measuring Instruments Inc. Dr. Saoud also held academic position where he worked for ITT Technical Institute and Science Museum of Virginia. Since 2008, khaled has been an assistant professor of physics at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. His research interests include but are not limited to the design and evaluation of catalytic materials for “Future Fuels” synthesis and environmental applications such as investigating a variety of nanocatalysts used in CO Oxidation, Fischer-Tropsch chemistry, sulfur removal, and CO2 decomposition. Nanomaterials support allows more efficient distribution of the catalytic species, his primary focus in this area is to investigate the catalytic mechanism at the nanoscale. He has recently initiated a research program in nanocatalysis, nanotextile and nanomaterials for the construction and development of new catalytic membranes for energy, water desalination/filtration, and environmental applications.


Nanoscale phenomena, Technology tools and applications, Health and medicine, Environment, Energy, Careers in nano, Envisioning the future

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