International Members

The NISE Network is focused on informal science education work on nanoscience, technology, and engineering taking place within the United States, but we are happy to share electronic resources with international members.

  • What can I expect as an international member of the NISE Network?  Joining the NISE Network provides a way to learn about informal science educational experiences in nanoscience, engineering, and technology taking place in the United States.   You will be able to download electronic materials from the online Catalog including digital materials to assist you in hosting a public nanoscience education event similar to NanoDays in your country. 
  • How can I contribute to the NISE Network? If you have feedback about a program or resource in the Catalog, members can leave a comment about that specific resource if you are logged into the website. If you have a nano educational resource you would like to suggest for possible inclusion as a Linked Resource in the online Catalog, please send your suggestion to; all products go through a vetting process to ensure suitability and non-duplication of similar products. 
  • Can I get a NanoDays Physical kit for my outreach event outside United States? Unfortunately our NanoDays physical kits are restricted to our partners located within the United States. The NanoDays digital kit is available for free download and contains all of the same resources and activities, training materials, and media files. 

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