2011 Risk Science Symposium

2011 Risk Science Symposium

September 20, 2011 - September 21, 2011
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA



For thousands of years, humanity has progressed on the back of technology innovation. Yet for all our inventiveness, we stand at a crisis point in human history. 

In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, the path between innovation and solution is being confounded by fear of new health risks and uncertainty over potential outcomes.  Yet this is happening at a time when we are more dependent than ever on innovation-driven solutions to global health challenges.

If science and technology are to continue to drive social development and economic growth, we need to re-examine and re-think the relationship between risk, uncertainty and innovation.

This symposium will bring together leading thinkers from industry, government, academia, the media and other non-governmental sectors to explore new ideas on integrative approaches to health risks, uncertainty and innovation, as we look to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges in an increasingly fragile world.


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