Explore Science - Zoom into Nano kit

All digital resources for the Museum & Community Partnerships Explore Science - Zoom into Nano kit downlodable as Zip files. The Museum & Community Partnerships Explore Science - Zoom into Nano kits are designed to facilitate new or expanded collaborations with local community partners in an effort to engage underserved audiences about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.

Museum & Community Partnerships: Collaboration Guide and additional resources

This guide offers an introduction to collaborations between museums and youth-serving community organizations. While this guide is designed specifically for museums and community organizations, much of the content contained in this document can be applied to all kinds and levels of partnerships. This guide includes an overview of why to collaborate, levels of partnerships, how to start a partnership, and a variety of resources to sustain and deepen your collaborative relationships.

Zoom into a Microchip video

This zoom video explores the inner-workings of a microchip. We start with a digital camera and transition to a scanning electron microscope. You'll see the tiny wires and the cris-crossing patterns of the microchip's circuits while learning a bit about why making it small is important.

Zoom into a Blue Morpho Butterfly video

Zoom into the natural nanostructures that manipulate light on a Blue Morpho Butterfly! Starting with a normal digital camera, we zoom into the wing of the Blue Morpho using more powerful microscopes. We see the wing underneath an optical microscope, and finally, a scanning electron microscope. You'll see the 200 nanometer structures that produce the beautiful blue iridescent color of the Blue Morpho.

Zoom into a Lotus Leaf video

In this film "Zoom into a Lotus Leaf," see an up close look at the tiny nanostructures that give the leaf its unique behavior. The Lotus Leaf is a symbol of purity because it appears to be perpetually clean. We now know that its self-cleaning properties are due to its ability to repel water very effectively; it's superhydrophobic. It gets its superhydrophobicity from tiny nanostructures. We start with a normal digital camera and zoom in using increasingly powerful microscopes as we explore this phenomena.

Image Scaler Software

The interactive image scaler software allows users to see macro scale to micro scale over a spectrum of images. Users can explore size scale relative to one and other. The Image Scaler is designed to be employed in a variety of settings – to be easily downloaded and used in classroom settings, shown during presentations, and potentially developed into an unmediated floor model.

Combined Zoom Poster: Everything Is Made of Atoms (Butterfly, Bloodstream, Computer Chip)

This poster aligns zooms into three familiar objects - a human heart, a butterfly's wing, and a laptop computer. Using the conventions of visual perspective the image travels in one continuous “landscape” from the human scale at the top to the atomic scale in the foreground. As the scale gets smaller and smaller, these disparate objects resolve to individual atoms, highlighting the concept that everything is made of atoms.

Multimedia Zoom Into a Nasturtium Leaf

In this interactive piece, visitors can zoom into the structures on the surface of a nasturtium leaf. Electron micrographs reveal the nanoscale structures that make water bead on the surface of the leaf. Zoom Into a Nasturtium Leaf can be used alone, or to accompany an exhibit or demonstration of the lotus effect, in which water beads and rolls off highly water-repellent leaves.


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