Nano & Society Posters

The "Nano & Society" poster series provide an entry point for exploring the relationship between nanotechnology and society. They can be displayed on their own, used to spark an open-ended conversation, or paired with suggested activities.

Shrinking Robots!

"Shrinking Robots!" explores the possibility of nanobots. Visitors learn what a robot is and how small real robots are today. They also learn that nanobots don't exist (yet) and consider some of the challenges in creating nano-sized robots. In the second part of the program, visitors design and build a robot toy from recycled and craft materials.

Nanotechnology: Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction? employs graphic panels and constructible toy “nanobots” to teach visitors what’s real in nanotechnology, and what remains science fiction. Learn about the potential risks and benefits that could come with nanoscale robots, and the challenges that still prevent us from creating them. Build a toy nanobot—what could it do if it were real?

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