DIY Nano Book

The Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network's full collection of do-it-yourself science activities that investigate the nanoscale - the scale of atoms and molecules! These 'Do It Yourself' Nano activities and experiments allow families to experience and learn about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology at home or on the go! They are are designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. Each activity includes lists of widely available, inexpensive materials, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations. Go ahead, give 'em a try!

NanoDays Collection Book

A compendium of NanoDays activities and resources from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network. The NISE Net has created this compendium of all NanoDays activities and resources to enhance partner's ability to continue to host NanoDays events and strengthen local partnerships. These materials can be adapted for use anytime of the year in various other events and regular programs. Links to digital downloads are provided for Spanish and English digital files for all the instructions, guides, signs, and activity training videos for these NanoDays activities.

Alice In NanoLand

What is Nanoland, and what kinds of curious things will Alice find there? Follow Alice down the rabbit hole into a land smaller than small, where crazy nano pants and cabbage abound! Based on Lewis Carroll's beloved classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this exciting romp explores the nano in nature and how phenomena at the very small scale affect our very big world.

Alice in Nanoland 2010 Formative Evaluation

The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Theater Department developed the book and storytelling play “Alice in Nanoland” for younger museum audiences. The age range for the story were 4-7 year olds, as the actors stated, “This program is best suited for 7 year olds and younger.” Through the spring and summer of 2010, the actors have performed the show on the museum’s floor for formative evaluation testing.

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